Mullingar Martial Arts Club

One who has good manners and a disciplined mind will evade the sword



We are Mullingar Martial Arts

We are a family run Martial Art that teach children the value of Manners, Discipline and Respect. We teach adults Awareness, Confidence and Self Defence for all situations. We are a very old Martial Art and continue to teach the old ways. Children must learn how to escape from danger and know the difference between right and wrong. A clever Martial Artist does not need to fight but knows how to defend themselves when there is no other option.

Our family run club in Mullingar is designed as a traditional Japanese dojo with male and female changing rooms and a seated area for parents so you can enjoy a coffee and watch the class. We have a relaxed atmosphere but are dedicated to imparting knowledge and good manners while learning self defence with fun and games in a traditional environment

Our adult classes are structured exactly the same as our head dojo in Japan (Honbu) and teach in the traditional Japanese manner. You do not have to be big, strong or very fit to start Martial Arts you just have to walk in the door.

Health benefits:

Traditional Martial Arts are renowned for their health benefits. Fitness will develop over time in a very positive way. What is not so well known is the mental health benefits. When you are learning something that has depth and enjoying yourself at the same time the benefits to mental health are enormous. You are physically and mentally moving all the time. Challenging the body and the mind in a positive environment

We remain true to our traditions and train directly under world renowned Ninpo Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura


We are the Martial Arts training centre next to Mileys Garage Dublin Bridge, Austin Friars street (Dublin Road) Mullingar. There are plenty of car parking facilities around us within a two minute walk including one free car park just over the bridge and Super Value just around the corner

Training times

Kids Classes: (Ninja Kids)

Every Wednesday and Thursday evening :

Ages 5,6 and 7 classes at 6pm-6:45pm

Ages 8,9, 10, 11 and 12 classes at 7pm-7.45pm

Every Saturday

Ages 5,6, 7, and 8 classes at 11-11:45

Ages 8,9, 10, 11 and 12 classes at 12-12:45

”New Ninja tots class”

To be announced

Kids Class prices

8:50 per week calculated at a monthly fee. This allows you one class per month with discounts for families or attending more than one lesson per week

”New Teenagers class”

High intensity Martial Arts fitness! Bag work and introduction to sword training

Ages 12+

1pm – 1:45 every Saturday

All teens classes are 8:50 calculated at a monthly fee

Adult Classes:

Every Thursday evening :


Every Saturday: 2:pm-3:pm

Adult Class prices

Adult classes are monthly fee of 50 euro that entitles you to 4 classes per week and an additional 4 classes if you travel to any of our other dojos. You will also get one weapons class per month online and one Chinese class as well as one online regular class

For more information on classes in Mullingar call us on 0858808265 send us an email:  or just drop into the club for a look around and a friendly chat

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